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Choose to Live


I feel like Life is one gigantic staircase.


Each day we can choose to take the next step or stay on our same level. We can look back and perhaps take a step down (maybe many steps), but the staircase always moves forward as time ticks by.

Some points on the staircase level off to a platform, a goal we’ve set or a mile marker. For a moment, we can choose to bask in our accomplishment and glance back to see how far we’ve come. Then we realize there are more stairs to climb and we can choose to take our next step and climb higher than ever before to reach new horizons.

Sometimes the steps grow steep and dangerous. We slip and fall down, maybe even back to our last platform. At those times, it’s easy to choose to lie down and watch others pass us by while despair tears our insides apart.


We can choose to give up or fight back. It’s always our choice even if it feels like a rock has pinned us down or people have tied us back.

Choose to Be Yourself

It’s easy to see how far others have climbed. It’s easy to feel disgusted with our efforts and yearn to be someone else. I love this quote: “Be yourself, somebody else is already taken.” Wanting to be someone else puts a limit on our own capabilities.

We can choose to break those limitations. We can choose to be our best selves.

Choose to see the sunrise

There will always be more stairs to climb until our clocks stop. Then we’ll embark on another grand adventure where I believe these stairs will become the dream and we’ll awaken to a grand new vista.


Until then, we choose where to take our next step. We choose to climb and learn. It seems monotonous, and sometimes life’s like that, but each platform brings a new surprise. Sometimes we turn a corner and experience the marvel of a waterfall or a shooting star.

We can choose to give up or we can choose to pursue our highest aspirations. No one can do it for us. We must choose.

Just One Step

All it takes is one small step. Sometimes that’s lifting the rock weighing us down or reaching out to another for help. Because, contrary to what we may think, we’re not alone on this staircase.

It takes one little step and then another. Each tiny step, no matter how slow or insignificant it may seem, gets us closer to our destination. Closer to nothing we can imagine, except that it’s glorious.


Choose to take that step. Choose to live. You can do it.

Just Believe 🙂