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Hello and welcome to Arizona Girl!

So, a little about me… well, my name is Juliet. Yep! That’s me! And trust me, I’ve probably heard just about every joke in the book about it. (But if you can come up with a really clever one that does not involve the name Romeo, I’ll give you brownie points 😛 ) Anyways…

I’ve been a book worm since forever! I love diving into novels like Harry Potter and Eragon. I’m a die hard fan of dragons and have wanted to hatch one since Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher.

Obviously, I’m from the hot desert lands of Arizona (I’ll sometimes refer to myself as a desert rat). I can’t stand temperatures less than 70 degrees (Why I decided to go to Idaho for my education I will never know). Snow makes me scurry into a dark corner with a warm quilt, hot mug, and good book. One of my favorite past times is dancing in the rain during monsoon season. I love thunder storms.

My mother instilled in me a passion for music. If you look at my I-tunes list you’ll find music from a broad range of categories including: soundtracks, pop, rock, alternative, religious, and country. But don’t expect me to dance for you. I’ve got two left feet and a self-conscious nature a mile wide.

Speaking of my reclusive and bookish nature, I’ve also a passion for writing. I lean towards fantasy and fiction, but I’ve tried my hand at nonfiction as well. I struggle with short stories but enjoy the novel. I hope to become an author one day 🙂 Anyways, moving on…

I also happen to love movies. Any kind of movie. Except the gory kind. And the obscene kind. I’m more of a Disney nerd myself, that or the wonderful chick flick 🙂 But I enjoy a good Action movie too (I grew up with three brothers, so I can be a bit of a tom boy). My dad gave me a passion for sport’s movies, my mother an obsession for English Dramas. (Specifically the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle… I’m a little obsessed 😛 ).

One last thing you ought to know about me, is that I love to draw. Ever since I can remember, I’ve sketched cartoons and animals. I enjoy visiting Deviantart when I’m not swamped with homework. The art there gives me good ideas for stories and other art projects I’d like to try someday!

So, that’s me! Hope you learned a little something and had some fun 😀 I certainly had fun writing this. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!



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