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Building a Website

This week our focus was on getting our website up and running with our own domain name, host, and site builder. On top of that we needed to figure out what business structure we wanted to follow and the licenses and taxes that we needed to worry about. It’s been a long week πŸ˜› But I’ve got to tell you, I love this class!

I’ve been learning so much. Apparently there are different requirements in each state concerning licensing and all that, but if you’re focusing on a Sole Proprietorship, there are fewer things that you need to worry about. Since that’s what my business will become, it was definitely nice to see πŸ™‚

Taxes always kind of give me a headache, but for the most part, I only need to worry about adding my own personal income tax. The other major thing that I need to worry about is getting a fictitious name for my business, as well as a P.O. Box. But that’ll come later.

The best resource for all of that stuff was just looking on the IRS homepage. It still gave me a headache, but it wasn’t too difficult to follow!

I’ve got to tell you though, it is so much fun creating and building a website. I love writing articles and posting them online. I love being able to create the look and feel of the site. I love the feeling of being able to say that it’s mine. And if it goes anywhere, I could be earning money in my sleep!

How cool is that?

You know, the best part about this is that when I was sixteen years old and tired of going to my same job day in and day out, I had a moment where I just got so angry and started an internet search. I felt like I was wasting my time selling smoothies. I discovered the idea of earning a passive income.

That sparked my interest.

There was such a thing as earning money online through websites? I didn’t have to go to a nine to five job? I wanted to find a way, but I had no idea how! I was scared, and worried that I would fail.

Well, now, several years later, I’m finally making it happen. I’m taking steps forward in the right direction and it feels so nice.

Sure, there are things that I still need to learn. Like SEO and advertising and I still need to write a bunch more pages… but I’m taking the right steps forward. And that’s the best feeling of all πŸ™‚ I’m finally building my own website!

If you ever wanted to build your own website, what would you create? What would you want your focus to be on? You don’t have to wait you know. You can create your site. You can make it happen! Make your dreams a reality!!




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I'm a dreamer and adventurer learning how to follow my heart one day at a time. I love munching on cookie dough, jamming to movie soundtracks, and creating leather journals. Someday, I hope to travel the world and discover all the nooks and crannies that makes our earth so beautiful. But, in the meantime, I like to sit down to a good read :)

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