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Lessons Learned in my Business Class

Week 2

This week for our business class we focused on suppliers! Thankfully our teacher narrowed down our search (because there’s a ridiculous amount of people selling stuff online!) and brought up three marketplaces:

Each reliable site brings suppliers who want to help your business succeed! Whether from across the world, or in the USA, they provide great service 🙂

I enjoyed learning about these suppliers and their products; however, for my web business, I’m thinking of embarking on a different route:

The Affiliate Program

Now, I mentioned the Affiliate program in a previous post, but this week we learned a lot more about it! And the more I learn, the more I enjoy it because I can focus on writing content. I don’t have to worry about shipping and I don’t have to stress about inventory. No bad sells, damaged goods, or extra fees (or boxes of products collecting dust in my closet). I can focus on researching and writing about my business. Things I love to do!

Even though most Affiliate Programs give you a small commission, it’s still a free set up and keep up system (Great for any beginning business I’d say :D).

Once you place the affiliate on your site, it’s done! No worries. Also, some sites (like Amazon) allow you to check on your ad and see if you need to make any changes. If something doesn’t sell, trade it with something else! It’s that simple.

Also, I’m finding quite a few people can make a profit by using the affiliate program. On this site, Laurie explains how her different Affiliates helped her income. Sometimes upwards of $350 a month. Now, that may not seem like a lot, but that consisted only of her Amazon sales. That doesn’t even cover Google ad sense or click bank. And for a college student like me, that’s nice little paycheck to add to my pocket!

One of the biggest downsides involves time. It takes time to build up a business site, time to learn how to utilize the best words for search engines, and time to attract your customers. On Affiliate Newbies there’s a short 16 minute video explaining some of the steps involved in creating a brand new affiliate website. Time and patience happened to be a big topic of conversation.

Building a business website won’t happen overnight and you’re not going to get rich quick. It takes time and content, content, content 🙂 But… just imagine. How wonderful would it be to not have to go to the same old building, same old office, and same old desk every. Single. Day. You’re the master of your business. You decide what your next adventure will be! I don’t know about you, but I find that idea thrilling!

So, a toast to you and your business adventures! May we both find profitable income streams and freedom on our journeys!

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